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What is the Nicol?

The Nicol is intended to be the utility token. It is akin to a digital coupon that may be redeemed in the future upon the Nicol Token being publicly listed on an exchange (where you can hold, trade or sell the token through the exchange), and/or be used within commercialised versions of the Nicco solution platforms as a digital currency to purchase products, services and receive rewards etc from sporting, stadium and entertainment businesses.

Unlike security tokens, however, it is neither an investment nor does it derive value from an external asset that can be traded. This Nicol Token for sale does not have the legal qualification of a security, since it does not give any rights to dividends or interests.

Are there risks associated with buying the Nicol Token?

There is always going to be risk with anything you buy into. You should do your own due diligence, seek professional advice and ensure you read our Whitepaper and Nicol Token Sale Terms and Conditions before you choose to purchase the Nicol Token.

How much is the Nicol and what is its current value?

Nicco Global has set a price per Nicol Token of $1 USD. Subject to which pre-listing round you purchase the Nicol token through, a discount is applied and vesting terms are different. For example, if you purchase the Nicol Token through the Private Round, you will currently receive a 75% discount per token i.e. $0.25 USD per token instead of $1 USD. This 75% discount is subject to change soon as the value of the token increases through our partnerships and customer agreements. You can find out further information by contacting us at token@gotnicco.com.

How do I buy it?

We encourage you to read the Whitepaper and the Nicol Token Sale Terms and Conditions - and if you are interested in buying, fill in and submit the application form on the Nicol Token page on this website. Please do not purchase the Nicol Token based on any representations, made by anyone, that are not expressly stated in our Whitepaper and Nicol Token Sale Terms and Conditions.

Is there a minimum buy in? Who decides the Private Sale, Pre-Sale and VC round pricing.

Yes. For the Private Sale round, the minimum buy is $500 (USD) and the maximum buy is $100,000 (USD). For the VC rounds, the minimum buy is $200,000 (USD).

The discounted pricing of each Nicol token, for each round, is determined by Nicco Global. Currently we have set a value of each token at $1 USD, upon which different discounts are applied for the Private Sale, Pre-Sale and VC rounds. Contact us for information at hello@gotnicco.com.

Why don’t you accept applications from USA citizens and residents?

For private sale purchasers, we aren’t accepting applications from USA residents, green card holders, businesses or related legal entities located in the USA. This decision applies to the United States, American Samoa, Guan, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

When will the Nicol Token be listed on a Public Exchange?

We anticipate that the Nicol Token public listing will take place in 2024. The exact listing date will be set subject to various factors such as market conditions and strategic considerations such as being able to make announcements regarding Nicco Global customer and/or partnership deals.

We at Nicco take the public listing of our token very seriously, and are always striving to do what is best for our Nicol Token purchasers and our company.

How much will the Nicol list for?

The official listing price will be dictated by various factors such as public announcements regarding customers and funding before the public listing, as well as general market conditions and other factors that may be beyond our control. We have set a value per token of $1 USD which is the price we will aim to open the token at on public exchanges or above.

Where are you listing the Nicol token?

We are aiming to list the Nicol token on various exchanges and subject to a strategic roadmap. As we progress, we’ll aim to be listed on more top 10 crypto exchanges.

When I purchase the Nicol token in the pre-listing rounds, when do I get my tokens?

Private Sale purchasers are sent a transaction receipt and digital certificate reflecting their token allocation. In alignment with the vesting terms, each Private Sale purchaser will receive their token allocation in allotments into an exchange wallet or Nicco app wallet where possible. Once you access this wallet, you are free to hold, trade or sell the tokens you have received. Your entire Nicol allocation will be received by you into your exchange wallet as the tokens vest.

For VC Round purchasers, the same applies above, however you will also receive a SAFT agreement reflecting your token purchase.

How do I get my tokens from my exchange account wallet to my Nicco wallet?

The Nicol is intended to be a ERC-20 based token. Nicco intends to incorporate a turn-key solution which enables Nicol Token holders to be able to deposit Nicol tokens from any ERC-20 wallet to their Nicco wallet on the Nicco app or other version of the Nicco solution as may be white labelled or used by other businesses.

What is an ERC-20 token?

One of the most significant Ethereum tokens is known as ERC-20. ERC-20 has emerged as the technical standard; it is used for all smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for token implementation and provides a list of rules that all Ethereum-based tokens must follow.

As a private or pre-sale purchaser, when can I sell or trade my Nicols?

Nicol purcasers can access, hold, sell or trade their Nicol tokens only upon public listing of the Nicol Token on a public exchange - and in accordance with the vesting schedule attached to their purchase. Vesting terms are stated in the Whitepaper which you can find on the Nicol Token page of this website. If you have already purchased Nicols, your vesting terms will be stated on your digital certificate.

Is the Nicol a utility token? What is a utility token?

Yes, the Nicol is intended to be a utility token.

A utility token is a digital coupon that can be redeemed in the future or discounted fees or special access to a product or service. Unlike security tokens, however, it is neither an investment nor does it derive value from an external asset that can be traded. This token for sale does not have the legal qualification of a security, since it does not give any rights to dividends or interests. Please see our Sale Terms and Conditions on the Nicol Token page of this website for more information on the status of a utility token.

Can I stake the Nicol token? What does "staking" mean?

The details of Nicco’s intended staking program will be released shortly after the public listing.

Staking means holding your tokens to earn a percentage-rate reward over time. This will happen via a “staking pool” which you can think of as being similar to a interest-bearing savings account.

What is the Nicco solution?

The Nicco solution is a technology platform. More information is available within this website and our Whitepaper, which is also available on this website via the Nicol Token page.

Which city does Nicco operate from?

Nicco Global Pty Ltd has operated out of Sydney, Australia since its inception in 2019, and we intend to open a North American office in 2024.

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“Nicco's ability to create new revenue for sport will be unlike any other product in market – wait until you see it.”
"Nicco provides an interactive digital environment for sporting organisations, their fans, small businesses and large brands to exclusively collaborate. Its purpose is to drive social and economic inclusion, diversity and sustainability – with meaningful and measurable global impact.”
“...there’s more to Nicco’s innovation than initially meets the eye...”
“The potential for this platform to create enduring revenue models for sporting organisations that fund the sustainability of sport for fans and participants at all levels whilst solving some of the most challenging problems confronting the sector is extraordinary.”
“It’s fantastic to see such an innovative local startup, based right here in Manly, succeed in the booming technology and AI space.”

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