Nicco Team

The Nicco Strategic Team

Here at Nicco Global, we focus on having a core strategic team, with several enterprise partners and contract teams enabling us to do what we do at an enterprise grade level.

Richelle Nicols

Founder, CEO & President

Richelle created Nicco Global in 2019 to build an asset creation and revenue generation solution, designed to 'change the game' for sport. She is driven to support women's sport, and is a strong advocate for diversity, inclusion and sustainability. Richelle's previous experience as a commercial and governance lawyer has provided her with strong legal and commercial acumen, which she now uses to optimise Nicco’s performance.

Marie Douglas

Sales Strategy, Board

Marie is a former Vice President of Global Ecosystem Sales at IBM. She is an entrepreneurial savant who leads with exceptional commercial ecosystem experience and has demonstrated distinct results in sales, business development, strategy formulations and revenue outcomes while also exerting uncanny expertise in guiding countless startups to success.

Michele Caminos

Go-to-Market Strategy, Board

Michele is a former Global Managing Vice President at Gartner. She has an extensive career in the IT and services industry with remarkable expertise in business consultation – understanding and addressing her clientele’s key entrepreneurial challenges and assisting them with the creation and implementation of successful go-to-market strategies for business optimization.

Catherine Reynolds

Partnership Strategy, Board

Catherine is an experienced director and board advisor who has built her career around transformational leadership in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments. As a systemic problem solver and natural collaborator, she works alongside multiple stakeholders to co-create strategic alliances to develop, test and embed new governance and business models in the face of market disruption.

Ann Duffy

ESG Strategy, Board

Ann has a proven track record with industry-recognised sustainability strategies and outcomes reflecting strong engagement, governance and innovation. Ann has worked with megasport event clients on sustainability strategies including the successful 2027/29 Rugby World Cup, 2026 FIFA Bid for the Men's World Cup for Canada, USA and Mexico, Los Angeles 2024 Summer Olympic & Paralympic Games Bid and many more.

Loretta Joseph

Digital Assets & FinTech, Board

Loretta is a public policy influencer and globally recognised as an authority in digital asset regulation and blockchain technology. Loretta is a highly dynamic, skilled banking, financial and consulting professional with over 25 years in financial markets and related sectors. She has worked for major investment banks at Board, MD or senior management levels throughout Asia and India including, RBS (India), Macquarie Group (India), Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and Elara Capital (India).

Eddie Geller

Tech Commercialisation, Board

Based out of New York City, Eddie is an Australian with a proven track record, founding, growing and exiting multiple technology businesses, in both B2B and B2C. Through these companies, Eddie successfully raised capital, grew revenues and engaged with boards and external investors. His experience in commercialisation, growth strategies and knowing the US market is a huge value add for Nicco.

James Cooper

Director of Investor Relations

James has over 25 years’ of global experience working for some of the world's largest and most innovative investment management companies. A client-facing specialist with a background in sales, marketing, and customer service, he's lived and worked in Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, China, and the US. In addition to his client facing roles, James has held risk management, controls and compliance, and regulatory reporting responsibilities.

Mark Bryant

General Manager

Mark uses his experience as a professional athlete to drive, manage and oversee Nicco’s customer relations and projects. Mark excels at relationship development, both internal and external to Nicco, making him our ‘go-to’ man since 2019.

Timeyin Arkerele

Listings and Business Development

Timeyin is an MBA consultant with a proven record of generating and building relationships, managing projects from concept to completion and generating new business. Passionate about cryptocurrency, NFTs, blockchain and Web 3.0, Timeyin brings his expertise in these emerging technologies, as well as his extensive experience in successfully listing projects, to Nicco and the Nicol Token.

Joe Hart

Chief Financial Officer

Joe is a Chartered Accountant with over 13 years’ experience in public practice including leading his own firm Obsidian Advisory. His skills have been learned from multiple roles including Ernst & Young where he worked as a manager for a number of years.

Gary Mazé

Strategic Partnerships

Gary is an experienced crypto and fintech sales specialist with a skilled and demonstrated history of client relations, raising funds for crypto projects through both retail investors and VC investors - and advising projects to improve outcomes. Gary brings his expertise to Nicco and the Nicol Token to design and drive strategic initiatives, develop marketing strategies and coordinate our Nicol token listing roadmap.

Brandon Pouncy

Marketing Strategy

Brandon has over 20 years' experience in building marketing strategies to launch new businesses and products worldwide, and across a range of industries. Combined with his expertise in new and emerging technologies, Brandon is an expert in designing marketing roadmaps for companies to achieve both short and long-term success. Joining Team Nicco, Brandon will plan, direct and coordinate Nicco's token, listing and B2B marketing efforts.

Abbey Greenwood

Creative Director

Abbey is an experienced designer, content creator and artist who has exhibited her work internationally. With her broad industry experience in digital design and marketing, Abbey brings her unique vision and individual style to Nicco. Whether she's creating our digital marketing materials, styling our photoshoots or refining our branding vibe, Abbey is dedicated to ensuring that Nicco's content and visual presence inspires our customers and partners to join us in our vision to have a social and global impact on the world.

IBM Garage

Technology Development

Since the very beginning of Nicco Global, IBM Garage has been engaged to development the Nicco solution - ensuring our product has been built by some of the best architects, designers and developers in the world.

Media Quotes
“Nicco's ability to create new revenue for sport will be unlike any other product in market – wait until you see it.”
"Nicco provides an interactive digital environment for sporting organisations, their fans, small businesses and large brands to exclusively collaborate. Its purpose is to drive social and economic inclusion, diversity and sustainability – with meaningful and measurable global impact.”
“...there’s more to Nicco’s innovation than initially meets the eye...”
“The potential for this platform to create enduring revenue models for sporting organisations that fund the sustainability of sport for fans and participants at all levels whilst solving some of the most challenging problems confronting the sector is extraordinary.”
“It’s fantastic to see such an innovative local startup, based right here in Manly, succeed in the booming technology and AI space.”

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